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Friday, 16 December 2011

Plateau-I hate you...

Hey everyone, I have very unfortunate news. I know I haven;t written in 2 weeks but but but.

So my weigh ins haven't been going very well, 2 weeks ago I lost 200g and the week after nothing. I have stayed the same. I'm not too sure whether I've hit a plateau or whether it's the holidays. I'm sure its a bit of both.

Plateau's come from the devil. It is evil and a hectic de-motivator (if that's a word). There are numerous reasons for it and I've found quite an interesting article about this over here.

I've started waitressing at a restaurant and its become difficult for me to take a break to eat. Because its a restaurant we are not allowed to take a break between 11am and 2pm. I see what my mom means when she says "I don't have time to eat during the day".

Anyway I'll let you know how my next weigh in goes.

Over and out :)