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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I know I know I know....

Ok, so I haven't blogged in ages! I have a few very reasonable explanations and here they are:

Since its our last year the teachers have decided to really remind us why we cannot wait to leave school.

So weight watchers was a bit tough during the December Holidays I'll admit but I did not put on! Which is a miracle! I am super grateful for that but I've been losing really small amounts! Today's weigh in went much better than expected! I lost a whole kilogram!

We are busy preparing for our annual Interact Valentine's ball! I love doing this, its in a week.

Ok, so you're probably what I have lost in total?
I have lost a total of 9.7kg! :) I am so ecstatic about that!

I am truly inspired to start something like this at my school! There are a few pupils who I am sure would be interested in this. But that means more hard work! I'm trying to come up with a plan that will be able to spread over everyone and not only on me. I WILL DO THIS! I'll try and upload pictures once it gets started

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