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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

It's theeee weeeeeekend Baby

Hi guys!
Hope you're all having a great week. I have unfortunately come down with the a cold and I am very upset that I got it. This in essence means that I cannot study properly and my most important exam is coming up (Physics) and I cannot jog or do anything hectic. It SUCKS!

My uncle and aunt are coming down from Capetown tomorrow and we haven't seen them since July. So that's way before my 6kg loss and my aunt is also on Weight Watchers and at her Goal weight right now. I'm not sure how much but will keep you posted.

My brother has gotten his bird and it is quite cute makes small little chirps when you talk to him.

So I'll admit Friday night went to a party and for supper we had a whole bunch of salads which I indulged in, then there was meat and roles,  and (wait for it) for desert we had ice cream and chocolate cake with the best icing. I only had like a teaspoon of ice cream and half a slice of the cake portion they set out and then when I put my plate down the empty cake box was there with icing going all along the insides....ahhg I had like a teaspoon or two and I felt sick later on. My mom says I shouldn't worry about it but I am because I haven't exercised this whole week and and and...

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