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Monday, 14 November 2011

Lucky little stars..

So, not much going on around here, typically...
Was visiting one of my favourite websites we heart it and stumbled upon this photo
Its chinese origami lucky stars

It was really strange seeing them again. I remembered seeing them once as a child and I use to make them, even my mom remebers! So as soon as I could I went onto youtube and found a video and learnt. Needless to say I've been at it the entire afternoon, its rather addictive...
Here's a link if you're interested. :)

The weeks have gone by quite fast even though its exams, still got physics left arg... So up to date I have lost 4.4kgs and still got a while to go...My next weigh in is tomorrow and we'll see whether I get my 5kg reward or not. 

My brother has decide to get a parrot....(oh no, no more sleep ins for me) This is the supposed one he is getting

The only cool thing is I get to teach him bad words...hehe

 Thats it from me for now, till next time (always wanted to say that, haha)

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