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Friday, 18 November 2011

Say What?!

So I went to my next Weigh in and I lost 400 flipping measly grams, it was the same as my dad, I missed my 5kg mark by 200 grams. Our group leader says that its actually normal, as my body isn't used to losing so weight but I am hoping that next week it will pick up.

Yesterday my two best friends and I went jogging, we got far and then straight after I went swimming with one of my other friends. So I was very active yesterday and now I'm stiff, great stuff. All my sport I did yesterday added up to 6.5 points according to the weight watchers books. I'm saving them for Saturday for when I go to the movies.

One of my friends at schools sister lost 17kg in one year, she looks so amazing! She still has something like a kilo to go but she still looks amazing! And all she did was eat healthy and jog. She really persevered because I can't keep something like that up and have no one there doing it with me to keep me accountable and remind me why I'm doing what I'm doing.

The nice thing about weight watchers is that you don't go hungry. My thoughts on diets were that they you always had to starve yourself to lose weight and once i started this, my mom and I couldn't understand how we could lose weight once we saw how much food we were eating. But that week we ended up losing 2 kgs each! My mind was blown.

Up to date weight loss: 4.8kg

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