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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Good Week

Pretty good week, I must admit, other than the fact that I should be studying Physics... Oh, I did go to the movies and what a big flop we arrived their on time but we couldn't get our tickets due to the fact that we didn't bring the credit card we booked our tickets with, the manager was very abrupt with us and huffed and puffed the rest of the time...So much for my happy place (Ster kinekor's slogan) Needless to say we got in 15minutes later.

I had my Mcflurry and chips and I didn't feel guilty because I knew I worked hard for it and I savoured every moment of it. I'll admit I was a bit worried that this would affect my weigh in on Tuesday but it seems like it didn't!! I lost 1.2kilos! It feels awesome! Except for the fact that My pants look weird on me because they're so loose. But that's cool too :)

I went jogging again with my friend and I am amazed at how I can run the whole way there and back without moaning (like I used to about how I hated jogging). I actually felt like I could go further but we didn't because that would mean I would die on the way back..

So at our meeting I received my first 5kg sticker and I am very happy.

I want to list some of my top tips for dieting (I'm no professional but they help)

  • If you don't eat at least 5 meals a day, make a plan. And make sure they aren't big portions (you'll get used to it) Space them out evenly. And remember to eat! If work is an excuse keep a muesli bar or take carrot sticks to work and eat them in the office or in between meetings

  • Dessert. Instead if having ice cream swop it for fat free yoghurt and put some into those little yoghurt containers and stick ice cream sticks in them and put them in the freezer. Or have yoghurt with muesli ( that's my favourite) and I'm not saying don't have ice cream point blank. Have it once or twice a week, the thing with most diets are they tend to tell you what you have to eat, when, and how much? You shouldn't deprive yourself of anything nice just have less than usual and then less until you actually don't want it anymore.

  • Get a support group. Some people are just not disciplined enough to keep up their diets or getting into shape plans. And its important to surround yourself with people that won't tempt you. Its easier being accountable to someone.

  • Write down your goals, and be reasonable.

  • Do regular exercise, and if you do put on some weight while your working out, don't panic! It is normal! And that's solid muscle you put on there. It also helps to measure you stomach, arms, neck and legs because some weeks you won't lose but you'll lose centimetres.

  • Positive thinking. Our minds are stronger than we think and it is important to keep a positive mindset. For example if you overhear someone calling you fat, don't go eat rather write about it in you journal and go read your goals again.
That's all I can think about right now but I'll keep them tips coming.

Total Weight Loss: 6kg


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